Why Ken Ahbus Chooses Spectrum Designs: A Perfect Fit for a Cause-Driven Apparel Brand

When it comes to getting those awesome designs on t-shirts and embroidering snazzy hats, you've got options galore. But in a world brimming with printing partners, why does Ken Ahbus kick it with Spectrum Designs? Choosing the right sidekick for printing is absolutely key for a fashion-forward brand like Ken Ahbus. It's not just about making cool clothes; it's about making sure they look and feel incredible on your bod. In this blog, let's spill the beans on three killer reasons Ken Ahbus is tight with Spectrum Designs.

A Heartfelt Connection:

Ken Ahbus isn't your run-of-the-mill fashion brand; it's got soul. They're all about creating stylish threads that smash stigmas around the cannabis plant. Spectrum Designs, chillin' over in Port Washington, New York, is about smashing stigmas too: smashing stigmas around autism! The main reason Ken Ahbus rolls with Spectrum Designs is that they're all about a good cause.

Spectrum Designs gives peeps with autism and related developmental disabilities a shot at employment and job skills that make a difference. By teaming up with Spectrum Designs, Ken Ahbus gets way more than just top-notch printing and embroidery. They're part of something bigger—it's not just business; it's about making a real change in the community.

Keeping It Local:

Location is a big deal when you're choosing your printing sidekick. Ken Ahbus calls the heart of New York its home base, and having Spectrum Designs right in the neighborhood comes with perks. Being close by means quick chats, shorter wait times, and a seamless partnership.

When you gotta check out a sample or hash out a new project face-to-face, having a printing buddy right around the corner is golden. Spectrum Designs' spot near Ken Ahbus HQ is like a secret weapon, making the production process smooth as silk and building that close working bond that's pure gold for crafting awesome apparel.

Quality and Customization Are King:

What sets Ken Ahbus apart? It's their obsession with making top-notch apparel. Ken Ahbus isn't about just looking good; it's about feeling amazing in your clothes. Spectrum Designs is armed with the best gear and a crew that knows their stuff, making them a top choice.

Plus, Ken Ahbus is all about those personalized vibes, offering rad designs that are one-of-a-kind. Spectrum Designs totally gets that and hooks them up with a treasure trove of customization options. From picking the perfect fabrics to nailing those embroidery deets, they're all about that attention to detail. This means Ken Ahbus gets products that are a cut above the rest.


In the fashion game, your choice of a printing sidekick can make or break your brand. Ken Ahbus rocking with Spectrum Designs is proof of their commitment to making a positive impact, their smart location choice, and their knack for delivering top-tier quality and customization. Together, it's not just about clothing; it's about making a statement with style through their partnership.

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