But First, Cannabis - The Perfect Morning Routine For Cannabis Users

Wake and Bake to get your day started on the right foot! Cannabis is the perfect complement to any daily self-care routine. The benefits of beginning your day with a healthy dose of cannabis not only include elevating your mood for the day ahead, but also can sharpen your focus, boost stamina, reduce inflammation levels, and even increase your metabolic functions! There are many methods for incorporating cannabis in the morning that can optimize your experience for the rest of your day. Keep reading to find your perfect new morning routine!

Cannabis users love to begin their day with a stimulating beverage, whether it be tea, coffee, or kombucha, and of course, by consuming some THC. If you tend towards smoking your cannabis, selecting a stimulating or uplifting strain is the perfect complement to the early hours. Maybe even opt for a strain that is moderate or high in CBD to stimulate your cognitive functions. Cannabis naturally promotes pain relief, and there is nothing quite like starting your day off on the right foot! The morning is also the perfect time to get creative so try looking for a blend that will provide an elevating sensation to take advantage of your body’s rest and added clarity of mind. This cannabis blend can reduce stress and may allow you to make good decisions, and even decrease social anxiety. 

Currently, cannabis lattes and teas are all the rage, and CBD coffee shops/cafes are beginning to crop up all over North America. Get ahead of the trend by making it yourself at home and post it on your socials! To make a relaxing cannabis-infused rose-chamomile tea to begin your day on a light, happy note, follow these easy steps:

Rose-Chamomile Tea 

Cannabis-infused honey (optional)

2 teaspoons ground cannabis trim, stems, or buds

Coconut milk, optional

2 teaspoons dried chamomile

2 teaspoons dried rosebuds


Add all dried, ground flowers to a tea infuser and steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Enjoy with additional cannabis-infused honey and/or coconut milk for added effects.

Pro-tip: Serve in one of our 11oz ceramic cannabis mugs

Not a coffee or tea drinker? Cannabis-infused protein shakes or smoothies are a great way to begin the day by providing your body with the fuel it needs. These metabolism-boosting drinks are an ideal morning breakfast supplement and are an excellent option for fit, health-minded cannabis users. 

Crafting a meaningful morning ritual for yourself sets the tone for your day. Cannabis’ wide range of benefits makes it an ideal complement to any routine. Shop our collection of mugs or rock our But First, Cannabis collection.