Girls Just Wanna Smoke Blunts; Women’s Role in Cannabis

We’ve all heard of Mary Jane (and now you’ve heard of her alter ego; Ken Ahbus), but how female-friendly is the cannabis industry?
There is still much stigma around cannabis usage and society seems particularly concerned about  women who consume cannabis. A recent study suggested that an approximate 66% of women are actually hiding their cannabis use, which has resulted in more male-centric marketing trends and a more male-dominated health care approach to researching cannabis.
Research also indicates that women are actively seeking to involve themselves in the cannabis industry in search of an elevated retail experience. Women also report an interest in how cannabis can be used in s skin care and the role of cannabis in sexual health. Whether or not it is a result of the gender bias that women seem to face around their cannabis use, women tend to prefer more discrete methods of cannabis consumption, including vape pens, topicals and edibles. Men, alternatively, tend to prefer smoking as their primary method of consumption. 
Women have specific cannabis needs that the industry has yet to recognize. It is important that we continue to amplify female identifying voices in the industry and empower them to stay informed and connected.  
There are limitless possibilities moving forward for women in the cannabis sphere and it is important that the industry recognize the power of its female consumers. If you want to support women in the industry, we have merchandise options with a feminine touch that lets you be as vocal or as subtle about your cannabis support as you want.  
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The cannabis plant has long been linked to femininity and we can’t help but think that the future of cannabis is female.