The Ken Ahbus Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

If you haven't heard, the biggest story of 2020 (besides 2020 itself) is that America has a big crush on cannabis. Pot is hot. There are so many different types of people that consume cannabis that it can be sometimes hard to shop for our friends and family. That's why we created a gift guide:

For The Most Patriotic Person You Know

George Smoked. There, I said it. According to many historians, several founding fathers consumed cannabis in some form. Cannabis is truly a crop with a historical significance which is why we made our George Smoked design. Set against an American flag we have a portrait of our first president smoking a joint. This tee will be a 4th of July staple.  


For The Person That Loves To-Do Lists

 Everyone knows someone that is just constantly writing things down in their ever-growing to-do list. Help them organize their thoughts and goals with our But First, Cannabis journal. 


For the Person That Loves Flower

Appropriately named The Order Tee, this shirt is perfect for the person in your life that loves...flower. Do they get Grams? Eighths? Quarters? Halves? Ounces? 


For the Person Trying to Make That $$$$ in Cannabis

Every day more and more opportunities open up in the cannabis industry. Accordingly, there are going to be many people that reach that millionaire milestone through their work in cannabis (there are already). Our future cannabis millionaire mug is a great reminder to work hard on our goals.

 For the Person That Thinks "A Dab Will Do"

Someone very wise once said that "A dab will do." We agree! Our Dab Culture collection highlights (pun intended) some of the best things about concentrate culture. Our "A dab will do" tank is sure to turn heads once we're able to go back to the beach. 


For the Person That Is Really Into the Holidays

This holiday season is different so why not tell the world what you REALLY want for Christmas. This stocking can fit all of your presents and then some. 


For the Person that Sometimes Forgets Things

Our Necessity Bag takes the guesswork out of the age-old questions of "What do I need to bring with me? Did I bring what I need?" Consider this back your checklist of what you need to get your day going. Comes in white and black. 


For the Person that is Never Seen Without a Hat

There are some people we know that just live in hats (and hoodies). We have snapbacks, dad hats, and beanies. Check out our hat collection for the person that needs more hats in their life.