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Ken Ahbus likes: Honeycrisp THC drinks by Ayrloom

One of the best things about being an adult in 2024 is that we’re living through a drink revolution. You can drink beer without alcohol, take shots of mushrooms, and in this case have the most delicious cannabis cider this side of the western hemisphere. 

I’m talking about a drink called Honeycrisp by Ayrloom that’s available in the New York Cannabis market, a market that has had zero problems starting up. Despite a slow start, consumers can now buy various cannabis products. From flower to drinks, I’ve had a bunch and will try to work my way through reviewing all of them. 

Ayrloom is a branch of Beak and Skiff, a longstanding apple orchard in the Syracuse area that took the leap into cannabis in 2021. 

a multi generation apple orchard makes a damn good cider that happens to have THC? Shocked. I’m shocked. 

The honeycrisp drink comes in 2 varieties to choose from; a 5 MG THC or a 10 mg THC. Personally, I go for the 5 mg THC because I'm a lightweight. 

Ayrloom produces gummies along with a number of other drinks on the market but the honeycrisp is my favorite. If you were the kid that pounded apple juice boxes you’re going to love the honeycrisp by Ayrloom.

But the product isn’t without fault. The first con is calories. While delicious, the drink has 180 calories. It’s not terrible but they are empty calories and I'm trying to watch my figure. The second fault is a New York problem. Why don’t we believe in childproof packaging for drinks? Every other product has to be packaged in a very specific way. 

Overall Ayrloom produces great drinks with their Honeycrisp at the top of my list. 

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